"Alexa, turn on the living room."


Alexa Now Controls Savant

Harrison Home Systems' clients using Savant automation systems in their homes, can now add the convenience of Alexa voice control. There is no longer any need to find a controller or a phone to make your home environment just the way you want it. You can now simply tell any Alexa enabled device to set Savant Scenes, turn rooms on or off, or adjust the lights.

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You might ask... 

Alexa can control a lot of systems, so what is special about Alexa controlling Savant?

Well, as Savant stated in their press release in June, 'Interfacing with Savant’s groundbreaking scene engine that captures personalized automation events, consumers can initiate, schedule, edit or delete a Savant Scene while retaining seamless Alexa functionality.'

This means that Alexa serves as a voice control extension of Savant's unique feature allowing homeowners to set and change scenes in their automation system without the need for a third-party programmer to make adjustments to their system. This feature reduces service calls and improves overall homeowner satisfaction.

We see this as a huge added convenience for our existing clients and a great argument for specifying Savant down the road. This feature makes Savant/Alexa integration truly unique.

For more information on adding Alexa voice control to your Savant home automation system, contact us at info@hhsusa.com.