CEDIA EXPO 2017 - Wrap Up

Each year, home tech pros gather for the Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association's (CEDIA) national trade show and EXPO. Electronics manufacturers typically release their latest products and features at this well-attended industry event. 

HHS System Designer, David Rosenberg attended the CEDIA EXPO in September in San Diego. Here's a list of his favorite new products and features he spotted on the show floor.


1. Josh AI -


Josh Micro

Voice Control is a growing trend and was prevalent all over the show floor at CEDIA EXPO this year with everyone from Sonos to Onkyo incorporating voice control into their products. One voice control product stood out from the rest. Josh AI Micro provides voice control in a single room so you do not have to specify which room you are in when making the command. Josh AI also allows a homeowner to use more natural sounding commands than its competitors and compound commands that don't require pre-programming. Unlike Amazon Echo or similar products, Josh AI offers voice control in a "closed" environment, so your commands are not reported to Amazon or Google.


2. Savant Mult-Stat Touch Thermostat

Savant unveiled a new WIFI enabled touchscreen thermostat. It allows for convenient access to Savant scenes from an on-wall thermostat. Instead of having a separate in-wall controller in a master bedroom, for example, it allows for in-wall control where you would typically have a thermostat on the wall anyway. The user-interface on the Multi-Stat is the same attractive glass touch screen as the Pro Remote. The Multi-Stat is scheduled to start shipping by the end of 2017.


3. Savant Smart Light LED Lighting Bulb

Savant's Smart Light LED Bulbs provide a homeowner with a traditionally wired lighting system the opportunity to incorporate lighting control without retrofitting wire into their walls. The Savant LED bulbs can be inserted into traditional lighting fixtures and controlled via the Savant Lighting App. The bulbs are color tunable and provide the homeowner with millions of color choices to control the ambiance in their home. The smart LED bulbs are available for indoor and outdoor use. They use a fraction of a traditional bulb's energy.


4. Samsung - The Frame TV

Samsung's new Frame TV is a high-performance 4k UHD TV with HDR that turns into a beautiful piece of framed digital art when not in use. Homeowners can choose from several frame colors and materials. The TV hangs flush against the wall just like a framed piece of art. The source of art shown on the display can range from personal photos to Samsung's included gallery of professionally curated art with 100 free art pieces, to a third-party subscriber-based service allowing the homeowner to truly customize their display to their unique tastes.


5. Sony - Ultra-Short Throw Projector

Sony's new Ultra-Short Throw 4K HDR Home Theater projector provides projection up to 120" diagonal picture with a projector located only 10 inches from the wall. This is an Ultra-Short Throw projector designed for the home, but not relegated to the home theater. The projector can be used in a variety of applications including brighter rooms and is perhaps best paired with a retractable screen that can essentially disappear from view when not in use. It would be a great application for a master bedroom or living room or any room where the homeowner doesn't want to mount a permanent TV display. 

Lutron Rolls Out New Palladiom Motorized Shading System

As a 2016 Platinum-level Lutron dealer, we are simply ecstatic about Lutron's announcement from the Custom Electronics Design and Installation (CEDIA) Expo trade show today in San Diego.

Lutron has unveiled the new Palladiom Shading System, a continuation of the modern, sleek and elegant line of Palladiom in-wall control keypads and thermostats.

Lutron's new Palladiom shading system is both stunning in design and built to Lutron's high-quality standard with a powerful driver and quiet motor. It is quite simply a perfect fit for our most discerning clients.

View Lutron's promotional materials for this new line.

Harrison Home Systems will be among the first Lutron dealers in the country to receive this exciting new shading solution which features a beautifully designed exposed bracket available in various polished finishes.

The shade system design allows for a minimalist finished look, concealing all wires, minimalizing light gaps, and eliminating the need for custom shade pockets or fascia that protrudes from the wall.

The shades are available for large window applications which are very common in modern architecture in Denver and Colorado in general.

Colorado Homes & Lifestyles names Tazi Ranch 2017 Home of the Year

Harrison Home Systems is proud to have provided the home automation, entertainment systems and motorized shading for the project, Tazi Ranch, which has been named Colorado Homes & Lifestyles magazine's 2017 Home of the Year.  

This landmark property, located in the Larkspur area, is truly spectacular both in its natural setting and the beautiful design and construction. The project was designed by Vertical Arts Architecture and built by Shaw Homes.

One of the unique aspects of this project for Harrison Home Systems was outfitting the property's multi-building equestrian facilities with network, audio and video systems.

The home is equipped with a Savant home automation system and motorized shading from Lutron.

Our very talented field team built this beautiful rack for the project.

Our very talented field team built this beautiful rack for the project.

"Alexa, turn on the living room."

Alexa Now Controls Savant

Harrison Home Systems' clients using Savant automation systems in their homes, can now add the convenience of Alexa voice control. There is no longer any need to find a controller or a phone to make your home environment just the way you want it. You can now simply tell any Alexa enabled device to set Savant Scenes, turn rooms on or off, or adjust the lights.


You might ask... 

Alexa can control a lot of systems, so what is special about Alexa controlling Savant?

Well, as Savant stated in their press release in June, 'Interfacing with Savant’s groundbreaking scene engine that captures personalized automation events, consumers can initiate, schedule, edit or delete a Savant Scene while retaining seamless Alexa functionality.'

This means that Alexa serves as a voice control extension of Savant's unique feature allowing homeowners to set and change scenes in their automation system without the need for a third-party programmer to make adjustments to their system. This feature reduces service calls and improves overall homeowner satisfaction.

We see this as a huge added convenience for our existing clients and a great argument for specifying Savant down the road. This feature makes Savant/Alexa integration truly unique.

For more information on adding Alexa voice control to your Savant home automation system, contact us at info@hhsusa.com.